Time Management Tips for 2019


Here are some time management tips to help you start your year right. You may want to leave the old behind, and start things fresh and new.

In our life as humans, time is considered as the greatest equalizer. Regardless of who you are as a person, whatever your age is. Whatever religion, gender, race, or income — truth is, we are given the same amount of time for everything. What does this signify then? To emphasize what I am trying to convey here, let me say this. It does not matter whether you are poor or filthy rich, the time that is given to all of us is just the same. This is not a question of how much time you’re given. Or how much time you now have. Of greater importance than that is how well and wise are you spending your time. Are you optimizing them? Were you able to use your time on things that matter?

Time management

There a few age-old tricks to try if you seriously want to have better time management this 2019. Find yourself a good system on time management. After finding a system that works for you, just stick to it. As long as your chosen system serves your intended purpose, then you are good with it. With this in mind, here are a few valuable time management tips to get by.

Set Your Goals And Make It Sure You Do It The Right Way.

When it comes to setting one’s goals, you either do it the wrong way or you do it right. It is important that you do everything right the first time. Otherwise, you will have an issue with your targets. If you allow this to happen, you will find yourself eventually falling off track. Hence, you will not get what you want.

For A Week, Try To Make An Audit How Well And Wise You Use Your Time Each Day.

Take a conscious effort on how well or badly you are spending your time in a day. If you want to make a firm resolve to improve your time management skills, you can try to jot down everything. This means to say that you will make a time stamp of your day to day activities. With this measure, you’d have a visual representation of how well or bad you have spent your entire day.

Time management

An efficient way to carry this out is by making use of a quadrant system. Using a circle, segment it into quadrants. Assign each quadrant with an activity or tasks you did for the day. Adjust the quadrants accordingly with respect to the amount of time you spent on a particular activity you did.

Observe The 80-20 Rule.

Otherwise known as the Pareto Principle. In this rule, 80% of the efforts is rooting from 20% of the expected results. They are using this principle in sales, too. This signifies that 80% of the sales are basically generated out of 20% of the total received customers. So, in this case, where does the magic trick lay? You will need to identify which of the efforts exerted, comprising 20%,  are producing 80% of the results. From this point onwards, you scale things out.

Imbue Your Life With Several Keystone Habits.

When it comes to soliciting other good habits, while at the same time removing as well as your bad ones, keystone habits should come into play. Have your attention fixed onto them. Eventually, you will come to a realization that you’re getting better at it, time-wise. You will improve in your time management skills.

When Working, Observe Frequent Breaks.

A study suggests that if you will work, work for at least 52 minutes straight. Then afterward, you take a break for 17 minutes. If that kind of scenario is not close to being possible at your current job, at least try to get frequent breaks instead. This practice is helpful and beneficial to you in such a way that you will keep your mind at its peak performance. All the time. This covers your physical, mental, and emotional states.

Time management

A vast number of people will attest that the points given above highly effective. Are you keen on reaching your goals at work or even in your personal life? Then, you need to know the best and effective time management that works for you best.

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