Time Management: How to Balance Your Work and Personal Life

As a person, it is a normal thing to work for a living. So that we can provide for ourselves and family. Working hard in order for us to put food in the table, can eat at least 3 times a day. Juggling your time between everything in your life. From yourself, family, work, social life and hobbies. Aside from working hard, we should also take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

Let’s say, being a breadwinner of the family is your responsibility to give support financially and emotionally. Balancing our lives sometimes takes time to practice. Having set time management is important to us. Just like setting a small goal to ourselves that we have to commit in order for us to have balance.

Time management is an effective way of managing our goals in life both work and life. Take time seriously and know the essence and importance of every tick of the clock. Having a mindset of “time is gold” creates a positive habit that you can carry out even in the simplest thing.

Too Little Or Too Much

Time Management: Balancing Our Work-Life Environment
Time Management: Balancing Our Work-Life Environment

In creating a plan and outline of your daily schedule needs to be equally divided. Balancing them is also a big help for you, in doing the things you wanted to do. Find the equilibrium of your life, weighing things what should be done. After all, it is for yourself that you are planning. You have the time for work, time for home and time for other stuff. You cannot bring your work to your home and the other way round. Unless you are working from home. But still, even if you are working in your home, there should also be time management that is going. Setting the right time for everything.

You can’t just have more than half of your time for the whole day working. Knowing that you have to prepare meals for your children. Or you can’t just leave your work early and spend most of your time playing with your kids. Remember, you are working in order to provide for them. However, specific attention is needed. Too much work can lead you to stress and in the long run, you will going to be fed up. In result, when you get home, you may release your stress to your family which is not healthy anymore.

It is really important that you have to set a time-management in your life. Especially doing it on a daily basis, becomes a habit that someday you can pass it on to others.

Set time in every task that you do, in that way, you can finish in time or maybe ahead of time.

Factors Affecting Time Management Balance

Time Management: Balancing Our Work-Life Environment
Time Management: Balancing Our Work-Life Environment

Some of us already perfected the way they handle their time, others may be on the way, and there are others that do not. There are some reasons why not most of us have time management skill. There are some factors really that affects one:

  • No control of time

    Most of us would just say, time is limited that we need more time to do a task. But actually, there is a lot of time, we just unknowingly how to use the time correctly. Spending too much time to some unimportant task since we are into it.
    In order for us to control our time, we have to do the thing the opposite way. Such a giving priority need asks that needs to be done and let other tasks come next.

  • Laziness

    One factor that affects our time management is laziness. You are not in the mood to do the task earlier since there is time. Until later on, you already wasted a lot of time.  

  • No prioritization

    Giving each task a priority is a way that you can distinguish what task should be done first. If you don’t set a specific task a priority, you end up working on all tasks but fail to finish them.

  • No goals

    Setting goals keeps you motivated to the task. You can set it the way you wanted to be. You can plan the things accordingly in that way, you can meet your deadlines.

  • Bad habits

    One of the reasons our time is being wasted is because of the bad habits that we keep. It prevents us from doing the task which leads us to fail the goal we want to achieve. A goal without action is like a picture drawn in the paper.

Working Time Management Skills Into Effectivity

Time Management: Balancing Our Work-Life Environment
Time Management: Balancing Our Work-Life Environment

In working with our time management skills, it needs the self-discipline to control our actions and mindset. It begins with ourselves that getting up early finishing the task early is a healthy habit. Planning your schedule is the best way to keep track of your daily life. Create a daily schedule that is not routinary in order for you not to be bored doing the same thing every day. Prioritize every task that you tackle every day, accomplish the biggest task first in the morning then followed by the smaller ones.

Give yourself a rest for some time in your day, plot them in your schedule. Working without rest is not good, it will just keep you exhausted while accomplishing each task. Our body and mind need rest even for a little time.

Avoid temptations that can lead our attention to the task which can distract the flow of your time.

Time Management: Balancing Our Work-Life Environment
Time Management: Balancing Our Work-Life Environment


A healthy lifestyle is to work our best and finish the task in time. So that we can have a life outside work and enjoy the rest of the day refreshed.

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