The Power Of Comparison: Tackling Common Mistakes


Everything is relative in this world. Making comparisons is natural for anyone. Moreover, it is essential as it helps us to understand things in a better way. However, we are making comparisons in the wrong direction. We are also reacting inappropriately to their results. It can lead to adverse effects on our behavior and mood. In this article, we explain the common mistakes we are doing while making comparisons. It will help you to know about the power of comparison. Therefore, you must read this article very attentively until the end.

The Power Of Comparison: Tackling Common Mistakes
The Power Of Comparison: Tackling Common Mistakes

Hurtful ‘Upward’ Comparisons

This comparison includes someone you perceive better than yourself. It can develop a feeling of useless in mind. However, it can be helpful if you take it in the right way. You must make it a motivation to enhance yourself. This change in your feeling can help you to achieve various things in life.

Damaging ‘Downward’ Comparisons: The Power Of Comparison

Comparing yourself with people having less potential can boost your ego. You will feel good about yourself making such comparisons. However, those results will be temporary. Furthermore, they can act as a stone in the path of your success. We recommend you to avoid them as far as possible. You can perform it sometimes to track your progress.

Comparing Current Situation With Imaginable Future

Most of the people are unsatisfied with their current life. They compare their experience with a new imaginable situation. These comparisons are not right as they are focusing on only one side. For example, many persons said that they would be happier if they change their job. However, in reality, while improving the job, it is not a guarantee that you will be satisfied. Your future boss can be stricter on you. The real problem is not a job. Happiness and satisfaction come from inside.

Furthermore, we are not suggesting that change is adverse. It is essential to improve your lifestyle. You must find the real cause of this issue to become happy.

Confusing Concepts Of Relative And Absolute: The Power Of Comparison

If you ate all the sweet food, then you cannot come to know about the spicy one. Making comparisons every time is not right. Most of the day, we use relative terms like healthier, cheaper, etc. Try to change them with the absolute ones. The person you should analyze yourself is with only you. It will help you to progress quickly in a better way. Moreover, you will become more satisfied by doing so.

The Power Of Comparison: Tackling Common Mistakes
The Power Of Comparison: Tackling Common Mistakes

Fearing Loss More Than Embracing Possible Gains

Generally, we enjoy gains and dislike the loss. It can make your progress slow in life. You have to invest if you want more profits. Avoiding it can take away several opportunities in life. It also shows your approach to life. For making progress, you need to take risks and have to move outside your comfort zone. However, you must make a proper plan before investing or taking significant steps. It will reduce the possibility of failing in your task.

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