The Benefits Of Self – Control: Taking You To The Finish Line


When reaching our goals, it is our desire to achieve it. Motivating ourselves to keep going until we reach it. Taking a step towards our goals begins with us, it will start on how are we going to finish it successfully. Most of us, determination drives us more to do what we want to achieve. However, the excitement of finishing the goal immediately is not good. It just makes us hurry all the things that are not supposed to be. It’s like pulling the string in order for us to grab the flag. Like overwhelming desires in doing something which we knew that it is not good at all.

Our basic instinct is to achieve our goals, but we need to control our instinct also. To stop for a while, and think of the ways on how are we going to do it. That’s when our attitude of self – control comes in. Controlling ourselves in doing the things that will exceed to its limits. It is a matter of holding yourself up and avoid temptations that will lead you to fail.

Factors To Develop Self-Control And Improving It

The Attitude of Self - Control: Taking You To The Finish Line
The Attitude of Self – Control: Taking You To The Finish Line

In developing our self-control, there are factors that could help us in attaining and improving it. Such are those of the few:

  • Positive Attitude
    This describes everything about ourselves. A positive attitude creates our responsibility towards our actions and teaching us to be disciplined. Changing the way we look at things and accepting them in a positive manner.

  • Confidence
    Developing self-confidence is the ability to face challenges without hesitations. Believing in yourself that everything is possible, that you can do it and not afraid to try and even fail.
  • Motivation

One factor that can help us develop our self-control is motivation. Driving us to our goals and give the will to reach it.  Goals
When you have goals set for yourself, you are likely to have a direction in your life. On where you are heading to and what you are aiming for.

Self Discipline Goes Hand In Hand With Self-Control

The Attitude of Self - Control: Taking You To The Finish Line
The Attitude of Self – Control: Taking You To The Finish Line

Self – control starts with self-discipline. It is your inner thoughts that control your self in doing something or to be done. Developing self-discipline within ourselves we are less to be likely controlling ourselves already. It helps us avoid the temptations in front of us. Practicing self-discipline every day will help us make it a habit in the long run. Until such time we already develop our self-control.

Habitual Effects Of Self-Control

The Attitude of Self - Control: Taking You To The Finish Line
The Attitude of Self – Control: Taking You To The Finish Line

As we put self-control practice seriously, and by doing it daily, later on, this will become our habit. It allows us everything we want in moderation without exceeding the limits. Teaches us that we have had enough and learn to enjoy the good things in our lives. There are some habitual effects on self-control on us, some are as follows:

  • Self-fulfillment or the feeling of achievement attained through hard work and perseverance. Learning the skills and the will on reaching it.
  • Self-Assertion or learning to value others aside from your self. Accepts others to speak and listening to them in a positive manner.
  • Healthy Attitude towards things in life. Focuses on their needs in life rather than the wants. Knows how to weight things and choose what is the best thing to do.


Learning and developing our self-control doesn’t make less of us. It just a matter of change in our lives that needs to be done in order for us to reach our goals. Taking things slowly and organized is one way of disciplining ourselves that not all things are hurried up. Planning our goals carefully leads us to achieve them successfully.

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