Intrinsic Motivation: Self-Drive And Why We Do Things

By understanding what intrinsic motivation is, we are going to open opportunities that will help us better understand ourselves. It is a force that will drive us to become better in things that we do. If we identify the core meaning of intrinsic motivation, it becomes easier for us how to inspire other people to become the better version of themselves.

No Task Should Be Dull: Get Motivation By The Use Of Fun

Boredom is usually the common reason why people slack of or abandoning the task altogether. It also drains out our motivation in doing things, I mean, doing the same thing mindlessly every day is a living nightmare in itself for some. Boredom kicks in most of the time if we are not dedicated and lost interest on the task at hand. And the more we submerge our thoughts to boredom, the stronger that feeling becomes. All effort become minimum or even gone once boredom kicks in.

How To Achieve Our Goals Effectively

Every one of us has something in common. That is to become successful in our lives, living the life we wanted to be. An inner self-instinct that tells us that we have to set something for the future. In reaching for our success in order for us to succeed, we must have our goals. Set […]

Lifting Yourself Up Out Of Depression

Ever feel like there’s nothing good happening in your life? Like all the bad things and problems. Being dejected or discouraged, that other people’s problems could possibly stacked on top of you and there’s no way of escaping these? Probably you don’t know it, but you are suffering from depression just like the other 300 […]

Stay Focused On Your Work With These Effective Tips

If you feel like you lack the energy to get all your work done, you need to read this article right now.

The Drive Within You: Effective Ways To Self- Motivate

Have you ever wondered about what it takes to motivate yourself?

5 Important Tips To Consider When Job Hunting

Here is how you motivate yourself into getting a job.

The Psychology Behind Motivation And How It Functions

Here are the three components of motivation psychology

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