Psychological Books For Females -

Psychological Books For Females

Psychological Books For Females

Men and women may belong to the species, but the psyche of both the genders are very different. You can consult psychological books if you want a clearer insight into the other gender’s mind. Of course, it is not possible to know someone else’s thought process completely, whether through books or talking to one. But these are somewhat helpful in giving a rough idea of the differences and similarities to expect.

Some people might think it is not their business to understand others, but it is not so. Just by existing on the same planet, it is our responsibility to understand each other and work together.

Female psychology is significantly different from the male’s due to various factors. First of all, the difference in our physical bodies and the ability of women to bear children affects women. Throughout history, society has treated men and women differently enough to cause a profound impact on the latter’s psychology. Women are advised against and restricted from certain personal freedoms, and are subjected to stronger, relentless scrutiny. They are given different responsibilities and have different expectations attached to them. Girls also mature at an earlier age than boys, which has a lasting effect.

A lot of women and some men have written extensive psychological books on or for women, to help the community understand them better, learn their motivations and aspiration. You can find some of the popular female psychological books written here-

Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture Of Aggression In Girls- And other Psychological Books By Rachel Simmons

Psychological Books For Females
Psychological Books For Females

Odd Girl Out deals with the bullying, the taunts, and the hidden jealousy which span across girls’ friendships. It is lively, up to date book with real-life cases and recent research and studied facts. You can read it as a book which gives you insight into the mind of a bullying victim

The Female Brain- By Louann Brizendine

Each of the seven chapters and three appendices of the book deal with separate concepts relating to women. You can see the neuropsychiatrist author’s view that the difference in women and men’s psychology stems from the hormonal contrast in this book. She has written similar psychological books for the males too.

Women Who With The Wolves: By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Psychological Books For Females
Psychological Books For Females

Women who run with wolves is a widely acclaimed book which girls al over the world found very relatable. It is beautifully written and does not compensate on either scientific facts or poetic charm. The text is full of strong women quotes, which will empower you and connect you with your wild spirit. It teaches women to trust their intuitions and tells them they are stronger than they think. This book is the epitome of female strength and shows the power of the wild soul in us.

She: Understanding Feminine Psychology- By Robert Johnson, And Other Psychological Books By Him

You can consider this as a short guide book into the psyche of women by Johnson. The author explains his view through the myths of the Greek pantheon of Gods and Goddesses like Psyche, Eros, etc. It is truly a mesmerizing book to read to gain insight into the female mind.

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