Motivational Poems To Cheer You Up


Life is not always a cakewalk. Even the best of us fall sometimes and you need something to get you back on your feet. It need not always be a person; it could also be a simple poem. Let us talk about some motivational poems that will bring you back and have you believing in yourself again.

Motivational Poems: Charles Bukowski – Nobody But You

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Charles Bukowski might come across as a pessimistic person in many of his poems, but a prominent theme in his poems is the emphasis he lays on dreams. In ‘Nobody But You’, Bukowski reiterates the importance of believing in yourself. You will often be put in uncomfortable situations in life, and your patience will be tested. People will try to discourage you just because you are different from them. If you give up on your dream, you will end up amongst the millions of others without dreams and become just another face in the crowd. Standing out from the crowd becomes difficult if you don’t be yourself. Of course, it is difficult and you will not find an easy way out, but you have to save yourself and only you can do it!

Robert Frost – The Road Not Taken

‘The Road Not Taken’ is one of the popular poems of all time. Robert Frost talks about the importance of being different and choices in life here. You are often faced by choices in life; whether it is choosing the course you want to study, or choosing your lover or choosing your dream job. You might always have the urge to follow the crowd and do what everybody is doing, and forget what your heart wants. Once you have made your choice, you tend to compare your journey with others and that can sometimes be discouraging and lead to self-doubt. But you have to realize that your journey is your journey and should not be compared with others’. Even if you fail, you will always have a satisfaction that you did something that not many people were willing to do, and that makes all the difference.

Motivational Poems To Cheer You Up
Motivational Poems To Cheer You Up

Motivational Poems: Max Ehrman – Desiderata

Max Ehrman at the end of ‘Desiderata’ will leave you believing in the goodness, life has to offer. You may have come across too many greedy people in your life but don’t let that stop you from being a good person. Treat everyone with respect and love and the right people will eventually come along; keep your hope intact. Never compare yourself with anyone because if you do, you are either above someone or below someone and comparison only robs you of your joy. Don’t be cynical about love because you haven’t met your person in life yet. Remember those good things always come to those who wait. Remember that you belong to the Universe as much as the tress and the stars. Always try to make way for happiness in life.

Motivational Poems To Cheer You Up
Motivational Poems To Cheer You Up

Sometimes all you need is a few words reflecting the bright side of life, to start believing in yourself again. I hope these three poems help you do just that! Cheers!

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