Medal Hanger Wall Mount Hanger

Medal Hanger Wall Mount Holder

This medal hanger is a great decor item to display all your achievements in the living room. The smooth, black matte finish hanger comes in various designs. The stainless screws make it durable to hang heavy items from it. Since this is a powder-coated matte finish, the color will not fade away fast. Apart from this, it is a wall-mounted hanging system, hence does not take extra space for installation. Instead, it will beautify the dull wall space adding some decorating items.

There are two variants available for this iron made wall mount hanger, only the bib with the medal hanger is 460 mm wide and 2 mm thick. All the other designs are 330 mm wide and 2 mm thick.

You will get one medal hanger in one single packet.

Medal Hanger Wall Mount Hanger

This is a way to display your medals nicely. Medals are the recognition of your achievements in your work, sports, studies, music. So, having these displayed in on the wall works as motivation towards reaching our goals. This will remind you of the hard work and effort you put that time to reach the target. And this will inspire you whenever you feel low or disappointed in any of your present endeavors.

It will utilize the vertical space to add some beauty in the room where they are hung. This will have extra value for the guests who will notice it in your drawing room other than the aesthetics. It will make them aware of your achievements and skills which they might not know so far. Thus it is not a mere display item, something more than that.

Besides inspiring you, these medals will act as an inspirational factor for the next generation. Your kids will be super happy when they come to know about those unknown qualities you possess, and it might also happen they also take an interest in one or more of those domains. And who knows, one day they become so highly skilled that they achieve even more. This is something that will make you more proud than yours.

Medal Hanger Displays The Token Of Your Achievements

This is the way of displaying the tokens of your achievements. Secure it to the wall with the steel screws that comes in the pack itself. Make a hole in the wall using an electric drilling machine with a 5 mm drill bit to fit the screws in the wall firmly. The hanger will remain safe in these screws without any chance of falling. Get this holder to showcase all your achievements, starting from a young age and take inspiration, remembering the hard work of those days.

This decorating item is something more that goes to another level other than the aesthetics.

The Designs Are Highly Motivating

Some motivational phrases like “Never give up,” “I can do everything I want,” “no limits” are used in these holders. These are truly inspiring for you to strive at your current scenario. Another style is also available when you can also place bib along with the medals.    

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