Losing Weight: Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize

The habit of eating beyond our body’s capacity and no control in eating ends our body up to gain. Starting with a goal to lose weight and have a program assigned to our self sometimes may be difficult or impossible. There are a lot of diets that sometimes won’t work in you, and some work for others. Since our body’s need is different from each other. Staying and keeping our body fit is one thing that we wanted to be. The first thing that comes to our minds is how to lose weight to stay fit.

Getting motivated on the goal that we wanted to achieve is the first thing to do. It will all start with ourselves, disciplining and taking control of what we will do. We have to clearly define the reasons why we really wanted to achieve that very goal.

Expectations Become Reality

Losing Weight: Motivated to Stay Fit
Losing Weight: Motivated to Stay Fit

Before you start your goal to lose weight, you can visit first your doctor. So that, you will know what are the important things your body needs to do in losing weight. Your doctor can give you a recommendation on your diet. Or even recommend you to a physical therapist.

You can even look for diet books to have an idea of what are you going to serve on your table. Eating healthy foods is the best way to lose weight and stay fit. Eating junk foods and fast foods have a lot of calories which are unhealthy. You can have them as long as you are taking them moderately or the best way to avoid eating them at all.  

Don’t just imagine that you are going to lose weight, act now and you will the result. It is just a matter of determination and motivation to keep you going.

Creating Goals to Focus

Losing Weight: Motivated to Stay Fit
Losing Weight: Motivated to Stay Fit

In order to focus on losing weight, make it a goal for yourself. Goals are something that you can look up to in order to achieve it.

Make it a stepping goal, that aside of getting fit, you can also wear those tight pants that’s been hiding in your wardrobe. You can be more confident whenever you walk down the road. You can feel lighter than before and have a good night sleep.

Benefits in Losing Weight

Losing Weight: Motivated to Stay Fit
Losing Weight: Motivated to Stay Fit

In everything that you do, there is always the expected result. Most importantly, there are a lot of benefits that you will have also. Such are those:

  • Health Benefit

    When you are losing weight, the first thing to notice is your body. Getting smaller than before. You will become fit and more active, and you may even decrease the chance of having a sickness. Maintaining your body fit is one way of keeping your health as well.

  • Lifestyle Benefit

    As you are being healthy and fit, making it a habit also affects your lifestyle. Being active in everything that you do, gains your confidence to face any challenges.

  • Social Benefit

    You will be socially active, since you are not hesitant to face other people, thinking that you will no longer be the apple of their eye. As you grow your confidence, you also begin to meet new people which later on become your buddies.

Losing Weight: Motivated to Stay Fit
Losing Weight: Motivated to Stay Fit


Just look at other people’s video of how they motivate in losing weight. Though we know that it takes time to lose. Persistence, patience, and perseverance keep them motivated to go further. As you are now have reached your goal, you need also to celebrate for it. It was a journey after all. Just remember, celebration means to be responsible enough on what you are taking now.