Importance Of Employee Motivation

Importance Of Employee Motivation

Employee motivation refers to the power, assurance, and also inspiration an employee brings it to their job. Moreover, looking for ways to motivate employees in any circumstances is constantly an organizations concern. For a small business, employee motivation can sometimes become a stressful job. It is often believed that happy employees are motivated employees. Moreover, to keep them happy companies provides a lot of benefits like health benefits, life insurance, and childcare availability. Employee’s motivation is necessary for the smooth functioning of an organization.

Importance Of Employee Motivation
Importance Of Employee Motivation

Importance Of Employee Motivation

There are lots of reasons why motivating an employee is essential. Moreover, motivating an employee can helps in increasing the productivity of an employee, which in turn will help in achieving the organizational goals. Increased productivity is the result of employee motivation. A demotivated employee spends the majority of his time using the internet for personal uses. This is a waste of organization time and also the resources.

Advantages Of Employee Motivation

Motivating employees is very beneficial for an organization to achieve its goals and increase productivity.

  • Increase employee commitment– Motivated employee will be more committed toward the organization and give their 100% to the task assigned to them.
  •  Increased employee satisfaction– Motivated employees considered to be the most satisfied employee of an organization. Motivated employees can lead to positive growth of the company.
  • Personal Development- Motivation encourages an employee to fulfill his goals, which in turn will help him in developing internally. Moreover, it becomes easy for an employee to understand the link between result and efforts, which motivates an employee to work on higher levels.
  • Reduced absenteeism- Employee motivation helps in reducing absenteeism. Less motivated people are not interested in going to work.
  • Increased productivity- Increase in productivity is the key benefit of employee motivation. Goals achieved would be higher, which, in turn, will also improve productivity.

Different Ways To Increase Motivation

  • Improve communication– The simple way to increase employee’s motivation is to have improved communication at the workplace. Talk to employees and make them feel they are part of a team. Listen to the ideas and also suggestions given by employees makes them feel motivated.
  • Value Individual contributions– Management should value employee’s efforts and also contributions made to achieve the company’s goals. The employee will feel motivated and get more engaged in work. Simple gestures like “Thank you” and “Great job” encourages an employee to work more efficiently.
  • Positive Work Environment– Positive work environment plays an important role in motivating an employee. Organizations can conduct timely feedback survey to solve problems faced by employees.
  • Praise publicly– Praise publicly whenever an employee has achieved outstanding results. Praising employees in front of others keeps them motivated and encouraged towards achieving the goals.
  • Giving Rewards– Rewards are necessary for an organization. Rewards like increase in salary and also bonus keep an employee motivated to achieve company goals on a timely basis.
Importance Of Employee Motivation
Importance Of Employee Motivation


Employee motivation is the key factor in achieving the organization’s goal. Moreover, essential motivation techniques should be applied in the workplace. Timely reward and also recognition are necessary to keep employees motivated and focused toward their goals.

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