How Motivational Stories Inspire Us


Since time immemorial, we humans are social creatures by design. We are capable of complex thoughts and have the best way of communication and socializing with other human beings.  We tend to feel the same way as by just simply watching or listening to others. We share a mutual feeling for each other that we can easily match the feelings or other humans as quickly as possible. We feel happy if others feel joy, sad when others suffer demise, and we feel worried if someone will do something unsure or perilous.

Of course, we humans have the power to motivate others. Not just by our actions or words, but also the stories that we hear or we have experienced. We have this instinctual and natural drive to help one another in times of hardships. Making them feel that we care for them and we are on the same side, even though we just met a few moments ago. This mutual feeling is what made us humans a very successful species as a whole. And is capable of more complex tasks and decision-making compared to other creatures.

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Hearing such stories firsthand drives us or motivates us to continue onwards towards our success, despite problems and hurdles along the way. It brings out that inner warrior within ourselves that seeing others doing that feat will make us think “if he can do it, then why can’t I? I mean, we are both humans, right?”. It makes the listener rethink of his actions and reevaluates himself. Thus driving him to pursue or accomplish a particular task with an iron will inspire from the story that he just has heard.

The Psychological Effect and Its Positive Influence On The Listener / Reader

How Motivational Stories Inspire Us
How Motivational Stories Inspire Us

Stories are a powerful medium in conveying a particular experience or lesson. They have this mystical power to educate, mesmerize, remember, and pleasure us. We, humans, have been doing this since ancient times and up to today. A lot of stories still lives within our memories and some physical records of them still exist. These inspirational stories have made way to some of the greatest feats the world have ever seen that inspire us, and the generations to come.

Listening to these stories makes one feel the more capable and stronger person than they really are. It gives them a basis on how to tackle difficult struggles along their path to success. It also serves as an inspiration and a life lesson to them, that with perseverance and hard work, nothing is impossible to a persistent person.

Our hunger for these kinds of stories is always there. For example, we retell stories of our national heroes and legendary personalities long past gone to retell their greatest deeds and achievements. We create legends and myths from the things that we don’t understand. Create lessons about them to teach younger generations. This kind of motivation is a time-tested example of driving others into giving their all in reaching their dreams.

A Good Motivational Story Always Leaves Us With A Lesson

How Motivational Stories Inspire Us
How Motivational Stories Inspire Us

Of course, every awesome and inspiring motivational story will always leave the listener with an important lesson or two. These moments are called “STAR moments”, which stands for Something To Always Remember. This answers to these questions:

  • What do you want the listener to feel?
  • What do you want them to keep in mind?
  • What is the most defining moment in the story?
  • What is the entire story’s message?

Answering these questions will ensure that a story will always stand to the test of time. Influencing, motivating and inspiring audiences of all ages and of all ethnicity. Always make it clear to convey the lesson to the listeners. With this, it will always stick into their minds and it is easier for them to retell it once again.

How Motivational Stories Inspire Us
How Motivational Stories Inspire Us

The true secret in telling a motivational and inspirational story is about how to convey it. In such a way that it will move the hearts of your listeners. By utilizing this, you can effectively disclose the true intention and message of your story. In this way, a mere story of an event long past or a fictional one that tells a positive message to the audience will have a great impact to their morale, encouraging them and motivating them in their daily struggle.

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