Follow Your Dreams: Making It Possible

“To Dream, the Impossible Dream”, a popular ling in a song sang by several veteran singers which we heard all over again and again. Memorized by many and sang by younger generations. A song that has a meaning of following your quest in life. What you really wanted to be and to achieve. Reading each line of the song states the eagerness and the will of the writer to reach for his dream. On the other hand, if we read between the lines, there is a deeper meaning to it. The drive that the writer wanted to achieve something despite obstacles that are in the way.

Even from a simple song touches the hearts and minds of everyone, which made it popular. A song that will remind you to persevere and do what you really aim for. Keeping motivated is the key to reach for your dream. Following your dream and making it come true may reflect on your personal fulfillment. That is your dream after all.

The Impact of Dreams On People

Follow Your Dreams: Making It Possible
Follow Your Dreams: Making It Possible

There is a great impact of dreams on people it might be a positive or negative. It creates an overview of each person’s life. Having a dream is having something to look up on to, a vision of the future on what you wanted to happen. Without a dream, your life may be a circus tumbling up and down, swinging side by side. You don’t have any focus at all of what do you really wanted for your future.

There is really a big difference of a person with a dream and without. A person with a dream is more focused and have a clear vision to where he is heading to. Let’s say, “target locked” all you have then to do is to pull the trigger and fire at it. Unlike people without dreams, they will just pull the trigger and fire without any direction at all even if they hit nothing. Just waiting for the lucky pot to be hit.

When following your dreams, it is important to know first what you really desire. It will be your quest to follow.

Factors That Stops You In Following Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams: Making It Possible
Follow Your Dreams: Making It Possible

A lot of people have not achieved their dreams. They may have different reasons why they never followed their dreams. Though they never attained to follow their dreams, regret and depression may affect them. There are factors that could stop us in following our dreams. Such as these following:

  • No clear goals

    Too many goals to achieve is already not healthy. It makes your mind crowded and ended you up with nothing.
  • Lazy

The attitude of “I’ll do it later”, “There’s still plenty of time”. It decreases your drive in working for your dreams.

  • Low Self – Confidence

Letting yourself down, you are allowing it to absorb your thinking that you can’t make it, even if you do. But afraid to show it because it might let others criticized you and laugh at you. You are afraid to go out of your shell and your comfort zone.

  • Being with negative people

If you stay with negative people, later on, they will influence you with their negativity. They will even decrease your self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Money

Money is always the reason for everything. Creating your perception that you can do nothing if you don’t have any money to spend on it.

How To Start Following Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams: Making It Possible
Follow Your Dreams: Making It Possible

Following your dreams starts with planning. Think of the things you wanted to do and achieve in an orderly manner. You start with small goals and so on and so forth.

  • Create a clear vision for yourself that you want to achieve this because this is what makes you drive for it.
  • Think of a way that you can do one after the other.
  • Set your goals and keep track of them. In this way, you know where you are going.
  • Prepare for anything that could happen. Whether the outcome is good or bad.

Making Things Possible In Order To Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams: Making It Possible
Follow Your Dreams: Making It Possible

Just like the song “The Impossible Dream”, even though it an impossible quest you have to keep going in order to make it possible. Even there are obstacles along the way that makes it difficult to reach, be willing to fight for it. This your dream, what you really wanted to achieve, your vision that is going to happen in the long run.


Keeping a positive attitude in facing all struggles and hardships in life can help us achieve our goals. Following your dreams is the ultimate success in our lives. An important milestone that we will always remember.

You can say, “I did it, after all the struggles I went through I already have my dreams came true”.