4 Ways To Find Your Inspiration

Do you sometimes feel your energy and zest for life is sapping away? This is completely normal and there is nothing wrong with you when you're feeling this way occasionally. To renew yourself and reinvigorate your spirit, you need to find what can inspire you the most. This article will show you how.


Inspiration is not a vague concept. We need to have it every now and then. Most especially when things we do become a routine and monotonous. In my own circle, I know of several people who love routine. They find it okay to just wake at the same hour every day, do the same kind of work for years. They have no trouble eating the same kind of meals all week. This gives me the impression that such a lifestyle is comforting enough for them.

But I am their complete opposite. As a matter of fact, I thrive on variety. Challenges and new things fuel me up. I always want to be out and about. Get things done. Whenever I complete a project I started, I am most fulfilled. This is how I am. What can dampen my spirits low? The rainy weather.

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When the rainy season comes, it coops everyone of us inside our homes. It puts a limit to what you can do, so you are confined indoors. A heavy downpour lasting for an hour or so  is more than enough to drive my inspiration away. No, I don’t need to look out for the sunshine just to have it back. But its absence for days will give me a dry spell. Whenever I am in this kind of dismal state and need to find my way back to my usual self, I try to do the following instead:


Disconnect For A While.


If you need to find your inspiration, checking your social accounts would be the last thing you want to do. Everyone addicted to their social accounts will agree with me in saying that it is a bottomless pit of distraction. The same thing can be said about stress eating, video games, or shopping. As a matter of fact, they can be addictive and for that reason, doing such things will make you feel good. Although, in the end, just by doing any of them won’t let you accomplish anything.


Talk Things Out.


There are moments that things will come to you. This usually happens to me in the most unexpected time, like when I am half asleep. If your brain is uncooperative, brainstorming and discussing the subject with a buddy can help ignite you up again. It should help keep your creative juices coming up. In all honesty, I conceived the majority of my best ideas during my impromptu, thought-provoking chats with someone.



Take Some Brisk Walk.


Someone told me that doing things repetitively will help free your mind. I don’t know if this has something to do with what is preoccupying my brain. But in my case, taking a brisk walk does the trick for me. There is no standard distance that you need to traverse to get your senses back again. It is relatively different from person to person. Therefore, try it first and see what works best for you.

Commune with Nature


Being out in nature can help renew your spirits and can make you reconnect with yourself anew. Majestic rock formations, lucid waters from streams and rivers, the vastness of the ocean and the skies  – all these can work all together. They can help draw you in some inspiration. They make you feel that you are an integral part of something that is wonderful and alive.



Start a Project


Try out working on a brand new project. It should be something that you have never had your hands on before. Therefore, everything would be new to you. Now you don’t have to be perfectly good in this, no need for doing that. So, therefore, it is okay if you make some mistakes here and there (but make sure it is not a major one). It is actually part of it, the whole experience it entails. Getting things wrong is part of it.


The whole point in getting started on a new project is just the experience of it all. You, getting things wrong, learning something new — all these renews your mind and gives you the inspiration to get better. That is the purpose of it.


Go for the Adrenaline Rush


For some people, getting physical is all they need to refresh their mind. It helps them find their inspiration. The sweat itself, which is sometimes accompanied by physical strain on their bodies, can help your daily worries and concerns away. So, a much-needed exercise may actually help you in putting things into better perspective.



Above all, know your worth. Identify the value that you hold in this universe, much like everyone else. When you know that you have a place here that is something worthwhile, you elevate yourself. You renew your dampened spirits and finally find your inner source of inspiration.

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