The Drive Within You: Effective Ways To Self- Motivate


Let me tell you something before I make this article I don’t have any motivation to do it because I need to do a lot of research and stuff for this, but it needed to be done, so I opened up my laptop and starting scribbling in words.

In the long run, something came up to me and realize that I just motivated myself to do this, albeit a bit of a motivation it is, but it kept me writing. Things come into my mind as soon as I hit the keyboards, and thought of myself “If that motivation made me do this task, then that kind of motivation can also lead me to success, right?”.

Motivation comes within us, an internal factor that drives us to continue. It is a bit hard to explain but it involves strong willpower and discipline to continue on without the external impact of other people, things or events.

Here are a few things that you need to do and develop, and of course, to develop and apply to your daily tasks:

Be Positive

Drive Within You: Effective Ways To Self Motivate
Drive Within You: Effective Ways To Self Motivate

It all starts in the mind, right? No one finishes a task completely and efficiently with a negative mindset. Having a negative attitude towards a task will result in making it more difficult than it usually is and you will be prone to mistakes, or even not continuing altogether.

A positive approach will make any task simpler, easier, and easy to spot problems and mistakes. Even if you don’t have any reason to be positive with, just think of the music you like and play it on your mind (or just play your favorite music). It is the easiest way to be positive at times

Set High, Yet Practical Goals

Drive Within You: Effective Ways To Self Motivate
Drive Within You: Effective Ways To Self Motivate

No runner finishes a race without a clear picture of the goal in mind, yes? Of course, it applies to all things as well. You need to have a goal or success in mind that you want to reach, as long as it is realistic enough for you to attain in the end.

In doing so, you can map out the tasks that you need to accomplish and lessen any mistakes or setbacks along the way. It will guide you to a clear path, with doing each task in order and efficiency according to your plan. It will also make you not regret any task you do in the long run, abandoning that goal halfway.

Also another tip: write down the things that you have accomplished already, and keep track of them. Looking back on the things that you have already done will give you the motivation to continue forward.

Take The Risk

Drive Within You: Effective Ways To Self Motivate
Drive Within You: Effective Ways To Self Motivate

As Gen. Patton once said: “Take calculated risks. This is quite different from being rash.” Sometimes, not all things will go in your intended way, and setbacks will happen (Murphy’s Law), and of course, you need to know these setbacks during the planning and always be ready on how you deal with them.

Having these planned out, you need to face them with the correct mindset. If you have a lot of doubts or fears, there will be a tendency that you will overestimate the risks involved, thus slowing your progress and sometimes abandoning certain tasks to reach your goal.

On the other hand, If you are very confident that you can manage these risk, and overestimate your capabilities, the probability is you will underestimate these setbacks thus leading to more issues and will fall for doing shortcuts on your way to success,

Balance your thoughts, take into consideration all the factors that are involved, and assess them thoroughly for you to decide on how to face them and to avoid mistakes that will ruin your plan.

Believe In Yourself

Drive Within You: Effective Ways To Self Motivate
Drive Within You: Effective Ways To Self Motivate

All those things won’t come into fruition if you don’t believe in yourself and have self-confidence in the first place, right? This drive needs to come from within yourself. Ask yourself this: Am I destined to fail or to succeed? Do I want to be a better person or not? Am I a loser or a winner?

The reason why successful people are, you know, successful, is because they believe in themselves and are determined to make any situation work for them rather than abandoning the task from just a minor setback, or blame the world because the world does not coöperate with them.

Always think of this: You have a choice, it is either you fail and succumb to that dark reality, or to strive and succeed, reaping the fruits of your hard work in the end.


Always believe in yourself, for it all starts within you, keep that drive and motivation burning whatever the challenges you face, and with that, you have a strong foundation to start of on your way to your ideal success and of course, I have just finished these article with all the things we have discussed above, so absolutely this will work on you too!

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