Defining What Discipline Is All About

Discipline is not one of our natural characteristics. This is not innate in us. It is not our natural character as human beings. If you came across a highly disciplined individual, it is because he’s decided to become one. He wanted to have it in himself. He worked things out to have it.

You develop discipline over time. You won’t have it in an instant. Having this virtue will pave way for you to reach your dreams and aspirations. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand it early in life because the rewards will last a lifetime. In order to develop discipline, commit yourself to do the right things. You must take the appropriate action all the time.


Knowing exactly the right thing to do is one thing. Taking action is actually another story to tell. Therefore, whatever project or undertaking that you have, it is important that you see them through to their completion. In essence, this is what discipline is all about. You acquire it over time, persevere in it. In addition to this, your subconscious mind is rewiring itself in response to your action. For this reason, you will realize that those activities you have a strong aversion to are now more tolerable for you.

If you have a dream, and at the back of your mind you understand your underlying reasons why you want it so badly, you must know how to reach it. There are two important characteristics that you need to have if you want to reach dreams and goals, fast. Discipline and focus. These are two of the most important attributes you must have. They make it easier for you to be successful in anything.

For the vast majority of us, all throughout our growing up years, we were often told the importance of discipline. We are told that without this virtue, we’ll achieve nothing. We can’t be successful in anything. Although this may be true (it is true, by the way), we often do not see or identify this virtue in relation to how these people around us lived. Nevertheless, before anything else, what is discipline? How do we define such a seemingly vague yet highly important virtue?

There is a manifold of ways that the word discipline can be applied. But for the purpose of clarity, our primary concern here is all about self-control on a personal level. With respect to a dictionary definition, discipline is no less than your behavior in harmony with given rules of conduct. Behavior, rules of conduct, training and control are the key words to remember when trying to compose the definition of discipline.

Here are a few of its characteristics:

You are Most Disciplined When You Manage Your Time Effectively.

A recent survey sponsored by America Online showed that employees and average workers confess to wasting away an average of 2.5 hours at work. This is exclusive of their time for lunch and other breaks. Although the majority of businesses had this in mind when determining an employee’s pay, it still is a considerable amount of time gone to waste.

It is of highly imperative that we have a good mastery of how we should manage our time. A time well spent, either at work or play, means we are making room greater productivity. Hence, we get to spend more valuable time with things that really matter to us other than work, our family and friends.

Discipline is Tantamount to Completing Tasks and Projects Delegated to You Within a Designated Amount of Time.

In contrast to the popular notion about discipline, it is not at all restrictive or prohibitive in nature. It is not a rein that will pull you back when you want to take a short, temporary breather. Since we are not machine or robots, we are entitled to take a respite from time to time.

Discipline has something to do with you moving forward with your task or project at hand, smoothly and consistently. You need to observe this up until you such time that you accomplished your work.

Discipline Has Something To Do With Keeping Your Spirit, Soul, And Body In Balance.

If you are under the impression that discipline is all about getting yourself worn down, in an effort to accomplish a task at hand — you are mistaken big time. It is high time though that you change this perspective now. It is wrong to qualify success if the attainment of which will put your health and well-being in compromise. A sense of balance should be observed at all time. With this in mind, the concept of work-life balance was conceived in the corporate discipline.


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