Cute Journal Unicorn For Your Teenagers

Cute Journal Unicorn For Your Teenagers

Congratulations to all for a warm, happy new year. Would you like to tribute the past year? Nothing complements than writing when it comes to unwinding memories and experience of the past. It gives a calming effect similar to meditation. Clearing your thoughts and memories on paper will make them a skill that can be re-experienced again and again. However, is there any particular notebook that allows you to unload all the happy and funniest feelings. Cute journal unicorn or unicorn plush notebook will enable you to make an array of memories that will make your life more beautiful. You can add affirmations and inspiring words in your journal.

Cute Journal Unicorn Plush Notebook

It is an adorable and cute plush unicorn designed book especially dedicated to teenage girls of all ages. It is perfect to use no matter whether it is for jotting down notes or presenting one’s own story, inspiring words, or affirmations. This colorful and unique notebook is ideal for both giving as a gift or personal use. There are lots of papers with a thickness of approximately 80 grams per number of pages. All-in-all, the total number of pages, is 80, and the book has a dimension of 21.5 x 14.8 cm. The package content will have one cute journal unicorn notebook.

Why Take Cute Journal Unicron?

Teenage girls will love the cute and colorful journal. They will surely adore the design and creativity presented in the notebook. Likewise, kids can share their childhood memories in the book. Along with the journal, you can keep a pen so that everything you get an instant thought you can jot it down. Also, with the introduction of social media applications, memories, and experience can be created in abundance. Admittedly, it will simulate the notebook. This will eliminate the use of a smartphone where memories can be deleted in one click. Writing with a real pen, as well as the journal, is much more efficient compared to virtual means. With pretty handwriting, you can mold the experience into something exciting.

Cute Journal Unicorn Features

Adorable Diary

Since most of the girls prefer unusual things out of which pink color is the most preferred. This pretty and mystical creature over the notebook is painted pink. It gives a funky look with lovely designing all way around it. However, the journal is available in four different designs and colors. You can either pick a purple, white, pink, or green background notebook. It has a landscape or portrait style that adds the new view to the cute journal unicorn notebook.

Cute Journal Unicorn Allow Enjoy Writing

With the utilize of this cute journal, you will surely love writing your thoughts and views. You can include a memorable happening or a document of any particular event. In addition to this, diaries and a notebook are functional keepsakes. Once you grow old, you will see your writing and memories, thus laughing loud on childish acts. The memories and experience can be quickly reviewed, or the notes and lessons can be previewed for revision. The 80 pages are enough to soothe your writing style conveniently and quickly.  

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