5 Brain Hacks To Improve Your Motivational Thoughts


Believe it or not, you can achieve almost anything if you are self-motivated. And self-motivation isn’t something that you can get immediately. It is something that successful people practice over the years. If you keep your eyes open, you can find motivation everywhere. And it is a much-needed thing for achieving anything. Suppose you are working on an important project and you don’t have a clue, motivation is the only thing that will help you keep going. Psychology says there are two types of motivations one is internal and another one is external. Each of these types of motivation is healthy and helpful and I will tell you some useful brain hacks here that will help you improve your motivational thoughts.

5 Brain Hacks To Improve Your Motivational Thoughts
5 Brain Hacks To Improve Your Motivational Thoughts

Motivational Thought #1- Click On The Bigger Purpose

When you feel like lacking motivation, think of the purpose of the work and the reason why you started it on the first hand. Go back to the thoughts and try to focus your mind on the purpose to accomplish the goal. Your goal will encourage you to achieve the thing you are working hard to get. Moreover, it gives the deeper meaning of the thing you are working on and your brain wants to finish the task successfully.

Motivational Thoughts #2-Give Up On Overthinking

Overthinking is really a bad habit that unnecessarily complicates the task you are working on. At the same time, it creates unnecessary problems that don’t even exist. Moreover, when you are working on something vital, overthinking keeps on pressurizing and you lose your track. Similarly, it leads to anxiety and you get nervous. Stress and nervousness shorten your brain and that’s not at all good for you. A calm and relaxed mind can achieve anything because you can focus more on solving problems rather than thinking about non-existed problems.

Motivational Thought #3-Overcome Mental Barriers

Mental barriers block our creative thinkings and that time feels like you can’t get anything right. It feels like you are caught up in a trap of negative thoughts and in this case, if you keep pressurizing yourself, something worse can happen. Now in this situation what you should do is relaxing your mind overcoming those mental barriers.

Motivational Thought #4-Overcome Negative Conceptions

Don’t get nervous over what would happen even before starting the task. This brings negative thoughts and you lose track even before start working on the task. You can think of the successful things you have done in the past and that will give you some confidence to move on. This is a key to self-motivation and it helps you change the negative perceptions. Do this before at least 10 minutes of starting the new task.

Motivational Thoughts #5-Recall Your Good Memories

Your struggles are your strength and that what keeps you going. The things you have gone through earlier in your life, are the things made you stronger and they are some good memories. Just think of how you made it out alive even when you had no clue. This positive attitude will help you in motivating yourself even when you get no one to stand by your side.

5 Brain Hacks To Improve Your Motivational Thoughts
5 Brain Hacks To Improve Your Motivational Thoughts

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