3 Strategies To Get Yourself Moving


At times, you might not feel like doing something you need to do. It is resistance. To ward off this feeling, you need to get motivated and use your willpower. It is often a battle of will and resistance. You can use several indirect strategies to get yourself moving and to win the battle of will and resistance.

The use of indirect strategy is more like attacking the enemy on the back or the side instead of attacking them directly on their head or front. Some indirect techniques of overcoming resistance and inciting action are as follows:

3 Strategies To Get Yourself Moving
3 Strategies To Get Yourself Moving

Strategies To Get Yourself Moving: Have An Objective

Resistance is just like a huge wall standing in front of you. You are not able to see either over the wall or around it. However, the other side of this wall has numerous advantages for you to reap if you show a positive attitude. Take, for instance, if you are into exercising your body regularly, find satisfaction in this habit. This feeling of contentment will never allow you to deter away from your path. The satisfaction you get will weaken your resistance and motivate you to complete it every day.

Considering the result of doing something will give you the motivation to complete the task at hand. Instead of focusing on your present feelings, try viewing the future. This indirect strategy will shatter your resistance and change your point of focus from the challenge to the reward. Get the best advantages of this indirect strategy by being mindful. You will feel stronger.

Strategies To Get Yourself Moving: Practice Mini Habit

Going for the mini habit strategy always works. It involves breaking down your task into several steps instead of viewing it as one giant wall. You see the individual bricks of the job, which will not appear scary at all. You start conquering brick by brick, and this will slowly help you in overcoming the entire thing.

You should break any task that offers you a feeling of resistance to several small elements. The ultimate objective will remain the same while your strategy will change. You will have to work at achieving the goal through an indirect win.

3 Strategies To Get Yourself Moving
3 Strategies To Get Yourself Moving

Feign Defeat

It is also called the Trojan War strategy, where the Greeks just showed that they were leaving Troy. But before leaving Troy, they offered a huge wooden horse to the Trojans. This horse featured Greek men opening up the city gates for the Greeks to invade and take over the city. The Greeks invented defeat for giving themselves an edge. Now, you can wonder what this story has to do with resistance.

The answer to this question lies in perfectionism- the universal source of resistance. Perfectionists always want to complete perfection in the tasks they do. They do not take up tasks that they will not be able to do with perfection. Or at times, if they feel that they are doing something imperfectly, they lose the motivation to continue with the task. The key here is adjusting to what you are achieving. Feigning your imperfection will give you real motivation.

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