3 Ways To Achieve Your Goals in 2019


Our goal in life gives a sense of direction. It is the reason we rise so early in the morning to work on it. The new year has just begun. Let us take this opportunity to reassess our goals and for us to see if our actions are really in line with its direction. Otherwise, we are headed somewhere else, farther away from the yearnings of our heart.


Can you still recall the number of times when you had so much zest, an inspiration to do something? But you are eventually finding yourself giving up on that pursuit even before you start taking action? Many of us can relate and are actually like this. We love the idea, the very thought of finding a new found desire. However, by the time you started doing things and realized the amount of time, effort, energy, or resources it would take to get you there to your goal, you just lost interest. Eventually, you find yourself abandoning the whole idea altogether.

For instance, I, have been hearing so much buzz about this 15-week bikini body workout program. From the first time I heard about it, I have pondered if I should try it also. After seeing the transformation on the bodies of those who have worked it, I was so pumped to try it myself right away. Not to mention, aside from the supposed body sculpting benefits, the workout program also qualifies you to receive unexpected bonuses such as a wristband, water bottle, and t-shirt. You’ll receive these swags upon sign-up to the workout program. All these pumped me to join the program without batting an eye.

Now, sitting on my executive chair in front of my desktop computer, I perused the seemingly exhausting workout routines. I will have to them for the upcoming weeks. Glancing at this brand new dietary program, I realized that most of them included foods which we don’t like to eat much of. This is even though they are health-promoting food items. Surprisingly, I did not find in the list the food that I prefer to eat.

For fear that I might uncover something else that I will find personally unpleasant, I decided to check out the website’s comments section. Upon reading the comments, I realized that the most whined aspect of the workout program is how strenuous and physically demanding the exercises are. Hence, my high hopes and strong enthusiasm in this body sculpting workout program suddenly went down the drain. After realizing the physical toll the activities will have on my body, my keen interest to try the program languished.

Now, what is my real purpose in telling all these?


I am aware of the fact that many of us can relate to this, although it may not necessarily be the same situation. Most of us, at one point in time in our lives, have set a goal and made a firm resolve to do whatever it takes to achieve it. But after realizing the amount of work to do, the sacrifices that have to be made, or the resources that you need to exhaust — you decide not to proceed with your plans anymore. You suddenly abandon the idea just like that.

Do you know precisely how to surmount this challenge? None of the people in my circle seem to remember, too.

1. Know your “whys” behind every goal you make.

To ensure that you’d stick things out to your goals is to see to it that this particular goal you have at the moment is really what you want. There is a world of difference between wanting something out of sheer vanity versus yearning to have something just because need it, too. A lot of people are deceiving themselves into making themselves believe they want. When you delve deeper into their situation, they are being influenced or coerced to make it their goal. For one thing, it might just be your parents wanting you to achieve something for them. Or perhaps, your peer groups.

The goals that have its foundation on your ‘whys’ is much stronger; there is so much power in them. Your ‘whys’ will thrust you to persevere even in times of great adversity. If you know your reasons behind your goals, you will have the determination to overcome the obstacles.


2. Accept your current situation today, and focus on the things that you can do now.

Starting today, make this your mindset — that you are going to live in the NOW. Veer your mind away from the bulk of work you have to do, focus your mind and energy instead to what you can accomplish now. In case this goal you have has something to do with work, then push yourself today to do more.

3. Split your goal into sizable amounts.

Granted that you have identified your overall goal, consider breaking them down into much smaller conquerable sizes. This way you will find your things to do at a  more manageable level. Generally speaking, the enormity of the goals that people have overwhelms them. In the absence of a good strategy, many of us end up not even taking a step forward.

There is a workaround in this self-sabotaging scenario that we so often experience —  set smaller goals. Make your goals more achievable. This way you are aligning yourself to that particular direction of your goal, your most desired outcome.

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