3 Motivational Movies You Must Watch

What is your most remembered motivational movie of all time? These kinds of films are great not just because they are poignant and can touch us deep in our emotions. But more than anything else, they have the power to effect positive change in our perspective of things.


Motivational movies can move us and inspire us to take positive action. Often, these films give us good reasons to change one aspect of our lives. They make us believe that we can do things despite the seeming odds, as the film depicted.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch these kinds of films before, they usually give you a chance to peek into the very life of a fictional or non-fictional character (in case that the story was based upon true to life accounts). The main reason why these types of films are in demand is that the stories they depict often resonates those of the viewers’.

Inspirational movie

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The most amusing thing about these kinds of films is that they can be very unrealistic, as in the case of animated films. Nonetheless, they carry in them an extremely powerful and strong message. The message they convey can be poignant and strong that it definitely pulls a string in the hearts and souls of many people. A good motivational movie will uplift your soul upon witnessing how the lead character triumphed over his adversities and hardships. From his humble beginnings to becoming a stellar figure. From being a nobody to becoming a somebody.

Critically-acclaimed motivational movies are carefully crafted films. They can make us engage in a  deep reflection about the fate of the character in the film and how his circumstances resonate our own reality. These types of films can be so good that they can touch our emotions so deeply. Sometimes, they can even leave an indelible mark in our lives. We remember them for a lifetime. Hence, inspirational or motivational movies are great to watch not only when your spirits are low but also when you want to see something substantial.

Regardless if you are looking for some motivation, or just wanted to uncover another good dimension of humanity, motivational movies are always worth watching. The following is my personal roundup of the most uplifting motivational movies of all time.


I could still vividly remember the very first time that I watched the film “Gandhi”. I first watched while I was still in college. Prior to watching the film, Gandhi was an unknown name to me. I was completely clueless as to who he was. Or what he’s intended to accomplish in his lifetime. You’d probably agree with me in my observation that his words and nuggets of wisdom are strewn all over the Internet. We see them in the form of memes and GIFs. But the underlying question is, how many of us know exactly what he did when he was still alive? What is his legacy to us?

After watching the film, you’d have a change of heart. It changes everything, you’d even put your own motives into question. A good film indeed worth watching now? Yes. Take your chance when you have it.

Inspirational movies

Forrest Gump

My first impression of this film before watching it? I thought it is just one again of those cheesy movies that Hollywood is known to make. Nonetheless, good thing they prove me wrong. I am glad they did. Forrest Gump indeed is one of those movies that are worth watching, if you haven’t yet.

First of all, the movie carries an incredible historical relevance. For someone who was able to live through the mid-80s, it personally helped me journey through decades of American history. Most of us are not very much familiar with that. The movie itself successfully illuminated all those in a manner which most history books can only dream about.


The name of the movie itself automatically rings a bell in the mind, right? Yes, this film is all about the life and the glories of the one boxing greats, Muhammad Ali. Will Smith got to play the lead role where he successfully showcased his talent as a serious actor. Much like Ali himself, Will was also able to put his rhyme skills to a test in this film.

Inspirational movies

So, what is the film successful at? It did a great job in portraying how this great man of boxing was indeed a fighter behind the boxing ring. The film masterfully portrayed how Ali himself overcame his own hardships, the struggles he made, and the sacrifices he needs to make. The movie director also depicted how, on several occasions, racism has put the man down but managed to rise rose above the situation.

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