3 Common Reasons Why We Lack Motivation


Motivation clearly is what drives you forward, mainly due to the desire and interest in reaching a certain goal or for most of us, ambition. But still, why most people are suffering from depression? Why others abandon their life’s dreams and succumb to despair and regret?

Most of us have the will or interest to pursue our goals but lacks the motivation or that drive to reach it. It can be due to a lot of reasons, such as insecurities, unwillingness to work, or a weak devotion. Some reasons may be due to lack of self – confidence and self – esteem. It could be a mental or physical problem that needs help of professionals.

Here are 3 common reasons why this happens, and of course, the remedies for these issues.

Lack Of Confidence

3 Common Reasons Why We Lack Motivation
3 Common Reasons Why We Lack Motivation

Self-confidence grants the ability to have a positive yet reasonable perspective of one’s self and the circumstances they got involved. It gives the notion of having trust to yourself. Doing what you can and proud of what you are doing.

Lacking confidence may result in these factors:

  • Belittling themselves
  • Being an introvert
  • Easily gets panicked or overwhelmed with the tasks
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of taking the initiative due to fear of failure
  • Lacks the initiative of doing a decision for themselves

To boost one’s self-confidence, one should understand their strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to visualize yourself as you want to be and don’t be somebody that you are not.

Learn how to love yourself more and finally, face your fears one thing at a time. With that, you can boost your self-confidence gradually. Building your confidence can be achieve just believe in yourself. You will automatically see the improvement in the long run.

Losing Focus

3 Common Reasons Why We Lack Motivation
3 Common Reasons Why We Lack Motivation

There are a lot of reasons why we lose focus. A lot of things happen within our minds at any given moment which can make us lose our motivation in doing a task or reaching a goal. Some of the common reasons why we lose focus are laziness, boredom, being busy at other tasks, and easily gets distracted.

Make every task fun for you so that you won’t get lazy or easily get bored. Tuning in to your favorite music can make you feel good and not easily distracted. You can plan out a schedule to avoid conflicts with your other tasks, thus giving you ample time to finish what you are doing or what you are aiming. With these, you can focus more on what you do to complete the job without problems.

Easily Gets Contented

3 Common Reasons Why We Lack Motivation
3 Common Reasons Why We Lack Motivation

All ambitions have smaller things to accomplish first along the way before reaching the ultimate goal. Accomplishing a few things will make us proud already and sometimes, we tend to get contented and satisfied with it. Forgetting the main reason why we do it (reaching the ultimate goal, of course).

Contentment is like being happy climbing just a hill while your real goal is traversing that mountain. To fix this, you need to focus on the goal, treat these little victories as a stepping stone towards the goal you really want to achieve. Thinking of it this way will give you that discontentment and striving for more until you reach the top.

Trying to find the root cause and try to improve them. Seeking help from others can be a great help in identifying the root cause and may provide proper ways to address the issue. Most of these factors are controllable. It is up to us if we want to stay as is or keep pushing forward or striving to reach that goal we all want to have.

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